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Anonymous asked:
Lizzington prompt! Can you write a story based on the song 'Banana Pancakes' by Jack Johnson? the lyrics are adorable and I can't stop imagining Red and Lizzie when listening to it. If anyone else is up to writing this, go for it! :D

Thanks for sending this! Sorry its taken me ao long to respond. I saw you sent it to Irish-buzzsaw too..I’m sure she’ll do a good job! Keep sending prompts everyone..I’m always game to write them. :)

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The ParalleList
my girl (no. 07)

This one makes me irrationally happy because Hannibal didn’t love Clarice as a daughter..and Red doesn’t love Liz that way either. *dreamy sigh*

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Red & Liz: up close and personal

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James Spader Discusses the Blacklist

 NBC Post the video on April 23, 2014

The video is here on the NBC website

In addition, here’s a [link] to criminalkeen's transcript of the video.

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We never really know anyone, do we?

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The Blacklist: S01E20 - The Kingmaker

James Spader

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"Then why not finish the arch? Take your case file with you, Clarice, I won’t need it anymore." He held it at arm’s length through the bars, his forefinger along the spine. She reached across the barrier and took it. For an instant the tip of her forefinger touched Dr. Lecter’s. The touch crackled in his eyes.
“Thank you, Clarice.”
“Thank you, Dr. Lecter.”
And that is how he remained in Starling’s mind. Caught in the instant when he did not mock.

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Crawford saw this as a chance for her. He assumed she had always wanted to chase Lecter. The truth was more complicated than that.

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S09E19-20 The Truth (2002) - TXF2: I Want to Believe (2008)

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Plot and Parallels Part II: Music and The Music Box




After updating my Blacklist playlist, I discovered yet another Lizzington tidbit in “Ivan.”  In Red and Liz’s first scene together (the one where she walks in on him building the music box) there’s a song that plays quietly throughout the entire scene.  Well, thanks to the good folks at tunefind.com, I discovered that the name of this song is “Honey Dove,” by Lee Fields.

Sounds innocuous enough.  But let’s look at some of the lyrics, shall we?

Now some of you will remember when I went all parallel on this episode, and not long ago roominthecastle posted a fantastic visual compilation of the parallels in “Ivan” as well.  Yes, there’s an entire subplot about a lovesick teen trying desperately to show his love and devotion to a girl who is yet unaware of it that fits entirely with where Red and Liz are in their relationship from the Lizzington perspective, but that’s for those above posts to extrapolate on.  This song, though, parallels both Harrison and Abby (the teens in the parallel plot) and Red and Liz, simply furthering the complexity of an already complex and beautiful episode.   

(For the purposes of my analysis, I have only used a portion of the lyrics.  Please check out the lyrics here and the Lee Fields version of this song for full appreciation).


My baby love
My honey dove

I can’t live without your love
Why can’t we make it like it was? 
Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been all alone…

In the ep, the girl was afraid of having to leave again because of her father’s job, the reason Harrison (the teen boy) went to such elaborate means to keep her there.  In effect, he wants to “make it like it was” or for things to stay the same.  If she has to leave, she would be alone because she would be leaving her friends behind.  He would be alone without her.  

Waited and waited with my telephone
You never called…

As Aram said, Harrison had hacked Abby’s phone and was actually manipulating it as a way of forcing her to talk to him.

And, girl, I’m so alone

Abby didn’t know his true feelings for her.  Harrison was truly alone in his unrequited love.  Similarly, Liz doesn’t  understand who she is to Red and what his feelings are.

One might say that Red lives a lonely life, a guardian of secrets always does (“There’s always something I’m not telling you…”).  As I believe Liz correctly identified in her profile of him in The Freelancer, Red is a loner, comfortable anywhere but never truly at home; his is a solitary life, and his inner circle has only gotten smaller.

My baby love
Don t leave me like this
Can’t go on…

And If you leave me baby
No, I won’t I won’t last for long
Without you in my life
My life is gone

Harrison was so desperate at the thought of her leaving that he tried to wreck a train, an act that would’ve killed both him and Liz.   

And now, the part of the song that rings most Lizzington to me:

It can be like it was
Only thing we need
Is just a little bit of trust…

Liz says, “Just once I’d like to get the whole truth from you,” only to have Red reassure her, “I have never lied to you.” 

She replies distrustfully. “How would I know that?”

I love you baby 
You’re all I need
All I want
Can’t you see? 

Both Harrison and Red have the same problem in this episode: Informing the women they love of how they feel.  Both of them go about it a little awkwardly.  Harrison’s problem is that Abby is completely unaware of his existence. Red’s problem is singular.  He knows words mean nothing to Liz…she doesn’t trust him, especially by the end of this episode because she thinks he’s lying about having something to do with Jolene.  He knows he must reach Liz in a deeper, more meaningful way by showing her how he feels.  Both Harrison and Red make an elaborate display of their love and devotion, albeit by different means. 

As Liz said to Harrison, “All of this was a romantic gesture, wasn’t it?”

Baby… Baby love
You are everything 
Everything I ever wished for

And the following is a result of my own predilection for Lizzington (read: opinion) and not a parallel, but it’s my belief that, after finding out what happened to his family (he wants to know that “more than anything in the world”), Red wants happiness with Liz. He wants to collapse on the battlefield with his love in his arms, two battered victors in a war for truth, and stumble home together with the Anniversary Waltz playing softly in the distance. 

He wants that.  Ok, I want that.  Just blame my fragile shipper’s heart. 

this is perfect Jess..and I agree completely. Thanks so much for putting this together.

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The Blacklist 1x19 "The Pavlovich Brothers" - Things that Need to Be Said



Can I just say that this show is frickin awesome and by far one of the best I’ve ever watched? Okay then.

*DISCLAIMER: I’ve tried to stay away from the pain in the ass known as a ship war but I’m no effing welcoming mat for people to step on. STAY AWAY LIZZINGTON SHIPPERS.

  • Tom Keen – I don’t…

Well, obviously, I couldn’t stay away, so…

just a few things:

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