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Anonymous asked:
Sorry, but how can you not like Daniel?!

This is the second message I’ve gotten about that little comment I made in the tags..haha..I’m sorry that I don’t really like him.  It’s not that I hate him, I just prefer Jack much more.  He’s my spirit animal. ;).

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my-spader-man started it. I only fell down the rabbit hole. Come on, now! Put the guy in a tux.

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helping me is forbidden, and letting me know you’re helping me is worse

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Her Protector, a blacklist fanfic | FanFiction

This is a Boston Legal/Blacklist fic. Liz comes to Alan Shore as a last resort after Tom is released from prison after he almost kills her. She never expected to fall for Alan in the process. Red is not a character in this fic, but Alan is a lot like Red in many respects; and of course both characters are played by James Spader, so that makes it ok, right? ;) AU

Also on AO3

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All my Lizzington feels, wonderfully expressed by Richard Blunt paintings

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Last Episode Standing - Round 8

that was one hell of a race folks!!! AGAIN!! Thank you again to all of you participating. I am super sorry that some of you vote off the same episode over and over and never get ‘rid’ of it. But that’s the game. ;) Th majority wins. Please keep playing. :) And please check the Notes if your vote got registered. Tumblr unfortunately is not faultless. :/ 

now out of the pool are…

  • Round 7 ~ 1.08 - General Ludd
  • Round 6 ~ 1.06 - Gina Zanetakos
  • Round 5 ~ 1.19 - The Pavlovich Brothers
  • Round 4 ~ 1.13 - The Cyprus Agency
  • Round 3 ~ 1.12 - The Alchemist
  • Round 2 ~ 1.16 - Mako Tanida
  • Round 1 ~ 1.15 - The Judge

Please vote off your next episode NOW!


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Cal:  It’s cat and mouse, Gill, not cats and mouse.


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Birthday Kisses, a blacklist fanfic | FanFiction

Tom’s birthday gift was the last straw. Liz turns to Red after a disastrous birthday and after realizing that he was telling the truth about Tom, and a new tradition is born. AU.

Also on AO3

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The Practice | S8 | Alan Shore 

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Doctor Who - Regeneration Series

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~ Lizzington Story, Red and Liz having a romantic ship - The Blacklist

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Red: She’s with me.

(1x03 - Wujing)

Animated gifs created by ME.

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#omg#sam x jack#Always#i realized some weeks ago how everybody talks about young woman x old man and omfg that thid is irrggghhh#hellohooo sam and jack is on of these couples with some age between#but i love them#and they are nit father and daughter even though he could probably be#They are an example for love and these couples#Sometimes people with very different ages truly fall in love (tags via starbucksam)

Exactly^^ Like Red and Liz. Age really doesn’t matter in the long run. People just need to stop judging based only on ages.

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Raymond Reddington | (1x03 - Wujing)

Animated gifs created by ME.